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Woody Allen on Politics

On USAbroad.org they have posted an interview from Der Spiegel with Woody Allen. The whole interview is worth reading, Woody has some interesting things to say about US politics and the 2004 election and he’s not afraid to say them. What really jumped out at me, though, was this exchange:

Spiegel: Why have you, as a chronolist of Manhattan, not included September 11th in your films?

Allen: I don’t find politics profound enough to deal with it as an artist. The story of human beings is composed of murder, only the cosmetics and the decorations change: 2001 some fanatics killed Americans, and now the Americans kill Iraqis. And when I was a kid, Nazis murdered Jews. Now, Jews and Palestinians are butchering each other. Politics has been volatile for thousands of years, and meaningless, because everything repeats itself. But, as a citizen I vote, or course.

Woody deals with the interactions people have between each other, a far more interesting and varied topic than politics could ever be. While the political players may change, the storyline never really does. I don’t really have any kind of insightful commentary on this, I just think it’s a fascinating observation that I wanted to share. Read the whole interview, it’s worth it.

September 29, 2004