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A Costume Fit for a Geek


This, ladies and gentlemen, was my award-winning Halloween costume. I was a semicolon.

For the record, when I actually won the award (company Halloween costume contest), I had the full getup on, which included fake claws with fingers missing.

That made me a misused semicolon; I was separating incomplete clauses.

(Boy do I hope that semicolon use was right.)

Anyway, once again this goes a long way to proving I’m a geek.

November 4, 2005


  • barbara says:

    For those who don’t recognize it, this is proof of genetic influence: Rubin humor! Pop would be proud, babe :-)

  • Trisch Richmond says:

    It’s a nice costume and all, but I think your girlfriend, Brittany, had the best costume this Halloween!!!! Ha! I’m not prejudiced or anything, but she just happens to be my daughter. Noah, I googled you, Brittany and myself today (among others)…just to see what I would find. Quite interesting!!! I’m just joking about the costume…your’s is great!!! I’m looking forward to seeing you at Christmas…. Regards, Ms. Trisch (or Mrs. R)

  • Maru Gonzalez says:

    Sweet costume! I actually googled semicolon costume and found this! I’m planning to be a super comma (i.e., semicolon) for Halloween so I’m going to have a comma shirt (kind of like yours) with a cape and the rest of the superhero get-up. That way,only grammar nerds will be able to figure out that I am, in fact, a semicolon. So the reason I’m writing is because I wanted to know how/where you bought/made your comma shirt.


    Maru Gonzalez ;-)

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