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Domain Name Graveyard

Last night I had burritos with Amit Gupta. One of the topics of conversation turned to domain names we’d purchased and never done anything with. I’m not sure if everyone does this, but both Amit and I have a tendency to buy domains for projects and then not necessarily see it through. All in all I own 29 domains at the moment. Of those about 10 are actually functioning.

Anyway, Amit suggested it might be fun to start a meme of sorts asking everyone to list out their unused domains. I’m going to get it started and if you wouldn’t mind writing it on your site and then leaving a comment with a link that would be great. It’ll be fun to hear some of the crazy ideas people had.

  • backinthehabit.com: Not sure why I bought this other than I thought it was funny. Maybe one day I’ll put up a Sister Act 2 fan page.
  • endorsemint.com: This was part of an idea to create some kind of system that would help YouTube and Myspace stars find endorsement deals . . . never went anywhere.
  • ganggreenblog.com: This is actually built and ready to go, it was going to be a Jets blog similar to Da Bears Blog. Similar to the Jets, it didn’t really go anywhere.
  • iamwhiteboard.com: Around the office we’ve got a whiteboard and for a while a new picture went up every day. The idea was to have a site documenting all this . . . we did it for one day.
  • mommywhenwilligetmyfur.com: This is a pretty strange one, but a funny story. At one of this year’s fantasy football drafts, Jason told us all about what Rosie O’Donnell had said on an episode of the view. Apparently in response to another host saying she bathed her daughter wearing a bathing suit, Rosie responded that she always bathed with her daughter nude. She went on to say the last time they were in the tub her daughter asked her “mommy, when will I get my fur?” Needless to say this became the joke of the draft and eventually mommywhenwilligetmyfur.com became the prize to the winner.
  • thejobfilter.com: This was another halfway-completed project. The basic premise is that I hear about a lot of talented people looking for jobs and a lot of companies looking to hire. This was going to be a place to connect the two . . .
  • wearespacemonkeys.com: A kind of inside joke with Loren from 1938 Media.

Anyway, that’s it. So now it’s your turn, what’s in your domain name graveyard?

January 31, 2007


  • jeff says:

    no smartass comments coming, though the topic is basically a perfect setup to allow me to be as filthy as possible.

    i’ve found myself buying the domain names to just about every show i write (you actually own one) just to protect myself in the future if this smart box takes off. i own four right now.

  • Adrian Lai says:

    I thought about buying “prehistoricshark.com.” That thing was amazing….

  • Jason English says:

    What’s the status of mommywhenwilligetmyfur.com? Can I start using that domain? Big plans I have.

    As this season’s dominant Renegade fantasy football performer, I feel obligated to do something with the spoils.

    I’m not ready to give away the big ideas behind my obscure domain purchases. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to start a Jets blog that connects reality show contestants with companies who want to hire them.

  • Paul M. Watson says:

    Nice one Noah. Ideas are easy, even getting most of the way through the idea is not that hard. Its the launching and running the darned thing that kills.

  • russell says:

    oh yes, great post. I will share shortly.

  • Andrew says:

    I own about 35 domains also, but it could be way worse if I bought everything I thought of.

    You should get the jets blog going using one of the auto-post plugins for wordpress. Basically give it a feed from Google blog search, and it automatically re-posts the syndicated content from other jet blogs, and sends traffic back to the source….could run itself

  • amber says:

    um, i own deliadeetz.com . The stepmom from Beetlejuice, played by Catherine O’Hara.

    One of my friends and I were planning to make a tribute site for her…I gathered a bunch of pictures, but I have yet to do anything with them. Somehow, this has become a really low priority. I wonder why.

  • candice says:

    Hmm. Only own two now, at worst I think I had six? One of my current two just works for email, it used to host a tribute page.

    My favorite was ‘capalert.org’, making fun of the capalert christian movie site in a two-line quip. (And getting farked, even back in 2001, ate my poor server’s swap partition.)

    How far we’ve come from two-year 70 dollar registrations and fax DNS server change requests…

  • Bonnie in Albuquerque says:

    I have http://www.starbucksisevil.com for the sole reason I was mad one day when I heard that another cafe I used to hang out in chicago died because a starbucks came into the neighborhood…..I grew up working at coffee places throughout chicago, NYC, UK and Tokyo and I was in a bad mood mourning another good local coffee place.

  • Josh says:

    My girlfriend told me the other day that it didn’t matter if it only cost a few dollars — I don’t have enough money to be buying a domain name every time I think of one. And I didn’t really have a good response.

    But I’m keeping lionpants.com anyway, and she can’t stop me.

  • Michael Surtees says:

    the only one that I had that I eventually let die was areainspace.org

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