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The Media is Thriving

Since there’s nothing like being a little contrarian, Rick and I have decided to start The Media is Thriving in response to the ever so popular The Media is Dying. Instead of tracking the death of the media industry, we plan to track it’s success. As Rick explained in his introductory blog post, “I also think that a LOT of internet people have no concept of just how much money goes through the media companies. Time warner collected THIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS last year. Even if you take out their insanely large, profitable, growing cable division, their revenues are still 4 times Google’s. It’s madness.”

So there you go. Follow The Media is Thriving on Twitter and if you’ve got any tips, email, comment or @ us.

January 29, 2009


  • Ryan Moede says:

    Good stuff! Just started following.

  • Wesley Verhoeve says:

    exactly my sentiment. people love doomsaying, and so does….ironically…the media ha

  • Nico says:

    Great idea! I had a similar one a while back and started jollyjournalist.com with a friend in response to angryjournalist.com… but it never really took off ;-)

  • Max Kalehoff says:

    Ahem…Clickable’s revenues have been growing each month. Granted, when you’re a start-up, the law of small numbers means it’s easier to grow fast. But, we’re growing each month by offering solutions to one question: How can we simplify online advertising?

  • Brett T. T. Macfarlane says:

    Nice. SuperBowl spot prices highlight the trend of “live” TV increasing/thriving as demand and therefore cost climbs, while spot/fringe costs go down as demand declinces due to time shifting and increasing content supply outside just cable=land.

  • Ian says:

    Good stuff Noah. A bright spot in all the bad news. Gave @mediaisthriving a shout in a post http://tinyurl.com/abtawo

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