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T-Mobile Class Action Lawsuit


If you, like me, were charged an early termination fee from T-Mobile when you jumped to the iPhone you may be eligible to take part in a class action lawsuit:

The Settlement Class includes all subscribers to T-Mobile with personal accounts who paid or were charged a flat-rate Early Termination Fee (“ETF”) (generally $ 200) from July 23, 1999 to February 19, 2009, and/or have or had a contract for service with T-Mobile that included a flat-rate ETF from July 23, 1999 to February 19, 2009.

Go get your money!

May 23, 2009


  • Alan Wolk says:

    Don’t make any rash purchases Noah.

    Having been part of several class action suits in the past, once the verdict is in and the lawyers fees and processing fees and assorted miscellaneous fees have been deducted, you’ll be lucky to wind up with more than a couple of dollars. Literally. As in if you see more than five bucks from this, consider yourself fortunate.

    Large-scale class action victories like this are moral rather than financial boons for the winners.

  • Erik says:

    Sweet thanks Noah! If I get a refund u get free vino from Aarons peeps. ;)

  • Settlement Loans says:

    Pssh, maybe T-Mobile can also refund my $525 mobile text charge I NEVER APPROVED; someone needs to stop mobile spamming.

  • patricia haynes-cason says:

    I was a t-mobile subscriber for three years and I know I was being overcharged for services not render

  • Ron says:

    Been in communication with an attorney representing class. This settlement is BS. Though I might collect a little money if I choose to be part of settlement, tmobile can still pursue me on the ETF charges which far exceed the settlement amount I could get. The suit does not wipe out the charges, only any defense you might have to the charges.

  • marie young says:

    i had two phones turned off @ 200.00 each. i hope i get some of the money back

  • Julie says:

    Does this mean that if you cancel service now they can still charge the $200 termination fee? My son added his father to his plan to save him money; he was spending a fortune on prepaid. However, his cheap father wouldn’t even contribute to the phone bill and ran up almost $100 just in 411 calls. Now my son wants to cancel the extra phone but has a huge phone bill, plus he will get stuck with the termination charge. As for the class action, the only ones who get any money are the attorneys.

  • kyle schafer says:

    So Yesterday i got a letter in the mail that stated that my service was being terminated due to over-usage of roaming minutes. My girlfriend goes to college in North Dakota. I called the customer service line and asked how many roaming minutes i was allowed by my plan. The lady told me to feel free and use as many as i wanted because there was no limit!!!! I told her about the letter i had recieved and she didn’t know what to say so she transfered me to her supervisor. That lady told me that it was a business decision made by T-mobile. Has anyone else Had this happen to them? If you ask me THEY should have to pay me a early termination fee of $200 a line.

  • Kristal says:

    I am so fed up with this company.I fell behind with this company, I was shut off.I made small payments each month. The payments were not enough to get turned back on. I was charged for 3 months, that I was shut off, then slapped with the early termination fee. I am paying over a 1,000 for services I never even received.When is this company, going to be stopped, its clearly a rip off.Lets not forget their cheap phones, the echo you hear with each call, the rude customer service, and the contract which is basically the white collar criminals bible.

  • Janet S. Payne says:

    I will join–thank you !!!

  • Anonymous says:

    They just mislead you every possible way, so they can extort extra money from you. They recently renewed my contract with out my knowledge or a consent. And when I cancel the service, they of course wanted to charge me a cancelation fee for early termination. I seriously consider suing them for illegally imposing the contract over me, with out any notification.

  • Yelena says:

    I am # 11-anonymous…sorry forgot to put my name

  • tee says:

    i had my bill taken directly from my checking account. and after my contract was up, i called on my new verizon cell to cancel my tmobile account. for 3 months they kept taking money from my account and refused to reimburse me. I pretty much proved my case, and got my bank and visa involved. tmobile still denied that i cancelled, even themselves admitting I had called on the date i said i called. But refused to tell visa what the call was about (it was me cancelling). They refused to give visa the transcript of the call, and even with the proof they denied. Visa eventually reimbursed me, and told me they’d sue tmobile for this. I dont know what happened. but tmobile made me out to be a liar. after 2 years of having their service never missing a payment they treated me like this. never again tmobile

  • Leshaun Hyche says:

    charged a early termination fee

  • Anthony J. Vara says:

    I just rec’d my statement for my Sept 09 bill and starting in Sept 09 I will have to pay an extra @1.50 if I don’t go paperless. I either have to pay this or cancel and try another service. I do not think this should be forced apon me. What are your comments?

    I have been with T-Mobile for over 6 yrs.

  • Denese Christian says:

    They continue to practice bad business. This new overage rate increase, of which I was NOT NOTIFIED, is driving me crazy.

    Please help those of us who have been responsible but are now losing at the hands of yet another irresponsible company?



  • SHEENA W says:

    im glad someone is going after them i had a contract with 3 mons left on it for one plan and i had a year on and some months on a other plan, i wanted to turn off the one with 3 mons left and i was told it fell under the old tier and id be charged $200, but if i wanted to turn off the other one with a little over a year left it would be $130, my mouth dropped, i was so pissed not to mention ive been with them since 2001!

  • Kirk Anderson says:

    I was told by T-Mobile on the phone that my contract was up. I changed providers. T-Mobile charged me $200 for early termination. The person on the phone had lied or been mistaken, but of course I had no way to prove that.

  • jody c says:

    i was a customer of tmobile for 7 yrs. i was with them when they were VoiceStream. i have complained and complained that in my line of work i needed better coverage, better phone quality and better choices for phones. i recently switched to sprint and rec’d a Blackberry that is capable of my demanding job. tmobile has now slapped me with a ETF fee of $250.00. What can i do? this is wrong. if they dont offer a service that you need, why should i be penalized.

  • MizDelight says:

    I was on the flex pay plan with T Mobile for 2 years. The first year my insurance was dropped because I reached the maximum on claims in the first year. I had an accident with my phone and found out after paying for a replacement that I had been paying insurance for a telephone that could not be insured for 10 months and they refused to refund my money back to me. I have been lied to one to many times by TMobile, and I have a better wireless provider now. They are crooks, and I see that they are multi-leveled crooks. I’m so happy to be rid of them.

  • MizDelight says:

    I was on the flex pay plan with T Mobile for 2 years. The first year my insurance was dropped because I reached the maximum on claims in the first year. I had an accident with my phone and found out after paying for a replacement that I had been paying insurance for a telephone that could not be insured for 10 months and they refused to refund my money back to me. I have been lied to one to many times by TMobile, and I have a better wireless provider now. They are crooks, and I see that they are multi-leveled crooks. I’m so happy to be rid of them.

  • Irene says:

    T-Mobile raised their over-limit rates back around September about the time my other family member decided to talk more and not check usage. T-Mobile can pester you to death with text messages, but they don’t bother letting you know a family member is going over-limit until the several-hundred-dollar damage is done. They expect payment immediately (pardon me but I’m not a bank and did not get any corporate welfare bailout dollars and I live within my means), so of course they cut off the service in mid-cycle, even though the payment wasn’t due yet and even though I pleaded with them because I have been unemployed for months and need the phone to get a job to pay them, but no they cut it off anyway, and even though (sorry for the run-on’s) there’s no way I would’ve qualified for the class-action suit anyway (oh, btw, if you get into a class action, it disqualifies you for any other suits), they waited until just after Nov. 9 to send me the bill for $200 on the broken contract fees, even though they instigated it. THIS is how they are paying for the class action. And to add insult to injury, and it’s probably illegal too, they have added a late fee on the unpaid balance. Good thing I couldn’t join the class action, as I would like to pursue putting them out of business with another type of lawsuit. If there’s an interested and T-burnt lawyer out there, please check SEC and/or FCC regulations to see if some of us with testimony herein can help put T-Mobile out of business. Most of the complaints listed here have also been done to me, so it makes sense that it is widespread. Water and stuff flows downhill, so bad management at the top spells bad customer service at the bottom. Poorly managed companies NEED to go out of business–that is what the free market is all about–competition to drive out the bad guys. My Christmas wish this year is that massive numbers of people would not renew their T-Mobile contracts and a million irate customers would march on DC.

  • Viswanath says:

    I am being charged for T-mobile cellphone service that I will not be using even though the service has been terminated and the access to the account disabled.

    First of all, when I tried terminating the service online, they forced me to call their customer service to talk. The agent tried to persuade me and change my mind from cancelling. However, I cancelled my wireless service on the 14th of November 2009, which is just a day after the billing cycle closes on the 13th Nov. Soon after that, I could not access the account to see any details.

    It is over a month and till date I have not received any final bill, but am being assessed full charges for an service that has been disconnected. When enquired, I am being told that I was made aware of this while cancelling over the phone, which was not clear due to their poor phone audio quality. The cancelling agent did not make it clear on the fact that there will be full month charges even for unused services.

    Now when I call to enquire this, I am being told that this is in the terms and conditions, though I am out of any binding contract since November 2005. The initial contract was from November 2004 till November 2005, and was doing a month to month till November 2009.

    They are not willing to disclose the original contract’s terms and conditions, which they refuse to send and are hiding the information from me and is not accessible online. They are asking me to go to their website to look at the “current” terms and conditions.

    I would probably have used the phone till 13th December 2009. I cannot justify myself for such a charge for a service that cannot be prorated and which has been totally disabled for accessing. This is another corporate walkover innocent customers that is allowed to happen under the radar screen of the law.

    I seek damages that will not only reimburse the un-used services, any court charges, and if possible hours spent in dealing with this matter. I have a new born at home and my wife is telling me “pay the dammned bill and curse them to go bankrupt.” This is how these companies make money and will never go bankrupt, but will make common people like us suffer.

    Please help me in fighting this case. I am ready to cooperate and will do the needful in this regard.



  • Fam Saetern says:

    I am under the FlexAccount, today is my ending date of the 2 year contract. I called in to cancel my account, and they said I have to pay all these stupid fees and next months bill. Its a a damn flex account…you pre pay your bill before you use it…so why the hell would they charge me for all that crap. Throughout the 2 years…I can say that Tmobile hasn’t made me a happy customer with all the rude customer serive reps and their expensive monthly bill with bad service.

  • Janice says:

    T mobile has now turned me over to collection for refusing to pay them for service that was left on after I cancelled my service. they had bought out my local service company and I was told I would be with T mobile. I had no service where I lived. I called and told T mobile, they kept lying about when the new towers would be up, so I kept paying for 2 months of service with no service unless I drove to a service area. when I finally got fed up with the lack of service and cancelled and paid my final bill, they then sent me a follow up bill later for almost 300 dollars which made no sense, I never paid. I ranted to them on their web site about it, and over the phone. their response was to sell the account to collections and now they harrass me about it. and report it to the credit bureaus. I despise T mobile and its illegal practices.

  • JULIE TORRES says:


  • Patti says:

    I verified with 3 differnt CS Reps that two of our lines were month to month and when I called to cancel them they put another contract on one of the phones for another year and said “I certainly understand but I can’t be responsible for what another rep told you, correct or incorrect” and when I said I wanted to record to conversations from now on I was told that I could not and the call would terminate if I did. So now if I do not want to pay for another year I pay an early termination fee…I already had another provider in place going on the word of three reps and so now I have two phone providers..and I had to pay a $35 per phone “migration” fee to go from a 3 line contract to a 2 line contract…

  • ME. says:

    Here’s one for those who would like to know about T-mobil…. I agree, shut them down. I did not get charged an early termination fee because i cancelled after my contract was up, and i did it through a authorized T-mobil dealer AND transferred my number to a new Altel account. Then Verizon took them over and now TWO and a half years later T-mobil sends me to collection citing that i didn’t pay my last two bills that were acrewed AFTER i cancelled the service!!!
    WELL thats NOT getting paid!!!
    TO ALL OUT THERE WITH T-MOBIL…. DUMP THEM!!! They are going under and apparently grasping for anything they can get. SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!

  • gary glover says:

    i gary ordered two seperate phones under the same situation . t-mobiles boss is a computer, it does not talk to you as a person it just compute all employees just read from a screen when they talk to you. the second phone i ordered was supposed to have been broken down into 4 payments,but when you hang up they switch things around so buy the time you get into next months bill it is allready to late , your binded by the contract you have to pay due to deceptive practices t-mobile needs to stop tricking the public

  • Iliana Sankovich says:

    It’s hard to come by decent info on the web.

  • Reese Waldron says:

    The samething happened to me . I was charged 570.00 dollars when I chaanged to the I phone. they told me over the phone my total closing bill would be 200.00 it was 570.00. Lets do something about it Reese

  • Brandon says:

    T mobile has always screwed me on bills over a year ago I switched services
    I was contacted to day stating I owe money which I do not.

  • Charlotte Rivera says:

    We have become a lawsuit happy country we will sew for anything if we think we can get a free buck,but it is not FREE it costs all of us dearly.look at the world we have created for the love of money and tecnology that we have to have we can not live without.the truth is we can live without it we are spoiled rotten brats that refuse to get up off our lazy butts and thats why 3/4 of the US is over weight and I am one of them so please keep your lawsuit and I will go for a walk and shut my phone off.

  • Tami says:

    I was a t-mobile customer for 7 years and when I was charged for fraudulant services they terminated my services taking payments from my checking account and not crediting them have statements to prove it yet they have me in collections for $1200.00 yet i always paid my bill for 7 years. tell me they really appreciated my patronage yet they screwed me hard.

  • rosie beltran says:

    can you please send me more information on class action law suit. i need contact address and phone numbers. of the law firm handling it thank you.


    I want to not be included. How much is supposed to be on letter, besides am trying to find the
    official website for the case.

  • Mary Louise Imlay says:

    I am not person who requested this lawsuit. Her name is mary sharp. I have only had my cell phone for 3 years with Sprint. I will be filing formal charges against this woman for using my last name. Even the address is fictional, it belongs to a Marina. Drop my name from this lawsuit.

  • R says:

    Ok, I’m with T-mobile and on my bill I’m being charge for a city license tax, when I don’t live in the city and I was told by someone else, that it’s fake and they just want you to think you owe it because the just lost a big law suite and they want you to pay for it. My friend go her remove, now I’m trying to. I don’t understand why I’m paying $47.00 in taxes off of a $180.00 cell phone bill. I’m still working on Teresa Masters to fix my problem, because they screw me big time on bunch of things. Here her # if you want to call her 1877-290-6323 ex. 3418032 I hope this help you, because she hasn’t help me. Not a happy T-mobile Customer. I contacted the bbb.org, because she wouldn’t returns my calls and 10 mins later she called.

  • Jennifer Jones says:

    I have also cancelled my t mobile service and they are continuing to debit my account. I am aware of the class action suit for early termination fees. However my issue is in regard to funds illegally debited from my bank account three months after the contract has been terminated. Who else is experiencing this?

  • deana says:

    Hi. I was a customer for tmobile back in 2005 2006 and I was charge a etf for 2 lines. I was never notified that they were being sued and just found out once I received a notice for them being sued due to not proving customer with adequate insurance for mobile phones. I was wonder how can I take part?

  • Julie says:

    I WISH I KNEW HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ANY OF YOU! It’s now Feb. 2011 and I too have been called as my “trumped up” t-mobile bill has gone to collections – EVEN THOUGH T-MOBILE JUST ISSUED ME A PARTIAL CREDIT THEY DON’T KNOW ABOUT! Anyhow, I think there is definitely enough people for some kind of a bs lawsuit against t-mobile. You’ve got to figure this is but a measly few people that have been overcharged unbelievable amounts of cash, with no recourse whatsoever. WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING! Some of you were from a Dakota, I’m from San Diego, so this is nationwide! And it’s 2011 AND THEY ARE STILL DOING IT!!! I’m not sure what we all can do but I’m sure whatever it is it will have to be in numbers. Any one wanting in on this “think tank” for some sort of action against this extortion, email your name or email, ideas or whatever. This is an extra email address I had and don’t know what type of response I’ll get about this, but all/most of you have been extorted FAR more than I have! (me $200 collection agency dropped to $150. THEY actually owe ME! I said f-u). Get in touch if you’d like to be counted in the masses! It’s obvious we suck at getting 1 inch alone. Anyone game to brainstorm or ? against these thieves? I don’t have any money either, so this is an attempt at one huge joint effort at justice!!! THEY ARE ON OUR VACATIONS WITH OUR CASH!
    Need to hear from you!

  • Melissa says:

    Long story short is we had a family plan with 3 lines through t-mobile. We paid for “unlimited” services such as texting and data, however our service was very “limited” due to faulty service. We are lucky if we receive 1 bar outside our house. In addition to lack of service (in more ways than one) we received 5 non working phones in a row and excessivly rude customer service agents! We were fed up and left T-mobile and now they are trying to charge us $860.00 with ETF’s. In our case, T-mobile is advertising something they didn’t provide “unlimited Service”. They have the responsibility to ensure that their advertising isn’t contradicted by their terms of service. Anything less is simply Bait & Switch!

  • Scott says:

    Het there, is there a lawsuit against T-mobile over roaming charges? If so I would like to get involved.

  • Sunny Bak says:

    T Mobile charged me $256.01 for the full charges for no service. Once when a number was to be ported but was not and for 3 months where I had poor to no reception at my home and neighborhood after 8 years of having service.


  • Daniel Brown says:

    I am currently being charged a full months services even though I did not end my contract early. They are stating that they have the right to change my contract at any time (during that time frame) without notifying me at all. Since I ended in the middle of the billing cycle they also denied me the 15% corporate discont as well. Thus charging me the full amount for only 9 days of service. When I called cust service they were rude and stated “your not a customer any more” so they didn’t have to help me.

  • HENRIK says:

    Dec 17th 2011 signed a contract with tmobile sucks. com
    I got 3 lines. The sales man told me things that where not true. The phones where 10$ each and family plan was 120.$ per month. Insurance if lost, stolen, or broken was 15$ a month. WELL… the bill is always up around 200.$ per month for NO reason, one phone dosnt work in the house or driveway, and the insurance is only for broken phones. Tec support took Jan and Feb to research the phone the wont work in the house. Low signel.
    But I cant have a booster box because I live in a condo! So I get NO service. They refuse to let me out of the contract and only offered me (get this) 20.$ for the 3 months Ive paid for the phone that wont work at our home. I wish to start a class action suit.

  • Teodoro Gonzalez says:

    I was with tmobile for 9 years. I resigned my contract on november in 2011 for another two years based on a super deal offered to me by the tmobilbe cancellations department. As i started to get my bills i noticed that I was paying less than usual but, not the price offered. Since the contract that i agreed on did not take affect, i cancelled my service with tmobile. They are wanting me to pay $277.00 for an early termiation fee. What was the outcome of your lawsuit and can you jhelp me? Thanks

  • jeffrey johnson says:

    i had 2 phones with T-Moble i complained the area that i work in i need a cell phone for work but that is the only time i would have drop call. T-Moble checked the towers and checked my phones, nothing would work, the calls would drop when i am talking to T-moble and they never call back. when my contract was up on one phone and the other phone had two days left. i transfer my phone numbers to another phone company and waiting for my next bill from T-moble.
    T-Moble sent a bill saying i canceled and i owe cancelation fee on both phones.

  • Ronnda Manzo says:

    Hi I recied a post card in the mail a while a go about this class action, but never recieved any compensation or further correspondance. I tried to call the number on the post card an it no londer works. So youknow who I should contact?

  • cars and the environment car pollution says:

    Really no matter if someone doesn’t understand after that its up to other users that they will assist, so here it takes place.

  • NancySue Cabino says:

    I have been with T-Mobile for over five years. I always use prepaid and have the fifty dollars taken out of my account. Well have had a hard road the last year or so. I started watching my checking account and notice that T-Mobile was taking more money out of my account. In July they took four times what they should have taken out. Also I had an older phone that I asked them to turn off and they are still charging me for it. I had received a letter in May and it said my phone was paid off now they tell me I still owe on it and they will charge me a fee for turning off the older Phone. I called they were to return one hundred sixty eight dollars and eighty one cents but now they say they credit it to my account. Yes I would love to be in a class suite.

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