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I remember when I first saw the reactions bar on Buzzfeed I thought it was brilliant.


It’s such a simple idea, but it reflected something I had noticed in my own blogging for quite some time: People are often unsure of what to say in a comment and therefore chose to leave nothing at all. I’ve found over the years that the posts I find most interesting tend to have the fewest comments and the ones that I jot off quickly get loaded up. I can only assume that’s because it’s easier to react to a half though than a full one. It’s for that reason that I love the way they handle things over at Buzzfeed, by offering people pre-packaged reactions you get them to engage with the content without necessarily having to put their neck out and come up with anything interesting to say. Not surprisingly (because they’re smart and share a co-founder), Huffington Post has a similar feature:


But today I ran into one I liked most of all over at Newser. Theirs combines the reaction with a poll:


I categorize all these things in the bucket of turning content consumption into an act of content creation, something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Good stuff.

February 17, 2011


  • Rye says:

    It would have been so great to be able to click a button at the end of this post…. sighhhh.

  • Joshua Dance says:

    Responding to the post. :)

  • Clay Parker Jones says:

    Low-impact categorization/sorting/commenting should be on every web resource. Just more relational data that can be used for fun.

  • Alex Sandev says:

    I would rather cathegorize this bucket as statistical content.
    We all just love feedback, the easier the better.
    Be aware that people like to give a gaze and maybe a click -if it is worthit-.

    This post is concise and laconic: another plus.

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