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Why is Android different?

There’s lot of talk about the numbers from Black Friday. Twitter and Facebook didn’t fare well, mobile was up and iphone destroyed Android. Horace at Asymco asks the obvious question about the last stat: Why?

This I consider to be a paradox: Why is Android attracting late adopters (or at least late adopter behavior) when the market is still emergent? We’ve become accustomed to thinking that platforms that look similar are used in a similar fashion. But this is clearly not the case. The shopping data is only one proxy but there are others: developers and publishers have been reporting distinct differences in consumption on iOS vs. Android and, although anecdotal, the examples continue to pile up.

He’s not satisfied with the idea that android has a different demographic profile because of how many people own them now. So what could it be?

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  • Abe says:

    I’d guess that if they could isolate the data from “premium” Android phones (Samsungs and Nexuses mainly) they’d see habits similar to iPhones. Android has a huge user base because the carriers put it in the crappy phones they subsidize and push to late adopter types. If they can effectively divide the data set I’m site they’d see quite different numbers from the top of the line model users.

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