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Voting (UPDATED)

Well, I’m off to vote. Kind of hard to comprehend the importance I think this day has. I remember the day two years ago when we went to war in Iraq and my mom told me she thought it was the beginnning of the downfall of America. I think this is our chance to get back up, brush ourselves off and start over. Maybe John Kerry won’t be the best president ever (although I must admit that I have become more and more of a fan), but at the very least he will restore respect to America in the eyes of the world. I, as everyone else in the country, plan on watching very closely (and hopefully doing a bit of writing as it goes on tonight). After tonight hopefully the political talk will end and I can get back to the excitment of such topics as RSS. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In the mean time, though, here’s my pictures from Halloween of another president (I apologize to anyone who may be offended). Enjoy the pictures and, to quote P. Diddy, “Vote or Die” (what kind of slogan is that anyway?).

UPDATE: Technorati is tracking votes from blogs. I am casting my ballot for John Kerry and against George Bush.

November 2, 2004