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Blog Stress

This site has brought me a fair amount of stress over the last 24 hours. Following the advice of Six Apart, I installed Movable Type 3.14. The upgrade was not a very big deal, it was really just a matter of overwriting a few files on my server and running an upgrade script. Of course, the transition wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked. When I tried to sign back in, I was greeted with a long error that included lots of words I didn’t understand (well, I guess I understood the words, just not the context). So, after punching a few things I posted a question on the Movable Type forum with my error and began my wait. After about 24 hours no one had gotten back to me and I was starting to get worried. While I had backed up all my entries, I still had very little desire to have to reinstall the entire piece of software. Anyway, after I got tired of waiting I decided to start searching around Google for similar errors (there was nothing exactly matching mine). On one webpage someone mentioned that a file might be corrupt. So, as a shot in the dark, I re-downloaded MT 3.14 and overwrote the CMS.pm file.

And that was all it took.

One stupid file had to be uploaded again.

As I wrote on the Movable Type forum, it just proved that in the end, I am dumb.

It’s sometimes amazing how the simplest answer is often the last we think of.

December 22, 2004