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Blog Problems. Anyone Have Any Advice?

For whatever reason I’m having some problems getting things posted. I wrote up a whole long entry with lots of fun links last night and every time I try to save it, it just doesn’t work. Does this happen to anyone else? It says “Document Contains No Data” and then doesn’t post. I get this error a fair amount, but most of the time it just posts anyway despite the warning. What’s up with this? Anyone have any advice? Does my host just suck? (This is what I suspect, actually, since I also can’t ping . . . what’s up with that?) Anyhow, my year is coming up and I’ll find somewhere new. Any suggestions? Anyone?

(By the way, if you’re reading this, it only posted because it’s short. My long entry is the one that won’t work . . . although, in the future, when I do post something else, this post will look silly.)

April 27, 2005