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PSFK Conference New York

Tickets for the PSFK Conference New York just went on sale. It’s Thursday, March 27th and speakers include: Adam Stotsky – NBC Universal (SciFi), Andrew Hoppin – NASA, Eric Ripert – Le Bernardin, Graham Hill – Treehugger, Greg Verdino – Crayon, Jeff Staple – Staple Design, Johnny Vulkan – Anomaly, Josh Spear – Undercurrent, Marc Schiller – Electric Artists, Mike Hudack – Blip.TV, Noah Brier – Likemind, Sascha Lewis – Flavorpill & Steve Rubel – Edelman.

Yup, I’m in there. I’ll be talking on a panel about Social Media, here’s the description: “In a ‘new guns’ versus ‘marketing gurus’ debate, Marc Schiller & Steve Rubel join Josh Spear & Noah Brier to discuss how social media will change in 2008 and how companies can leverage this digital phenomenon in the most rewarding way. “

January 30, 2008