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The Diversity of Sesame Street

My friend Charlton (a professor at NYU who specializes in race) has a nice piece about the diversity of Sesame Street:

Beyond being in sync with the racial realities of young children who have not yet been corrupted by their parents’ color-bound politics, Sesame Street modeled the kind of racial idealism we should continually strive for. In Sesame Street’s diverse neighborhood, characters always asked questions about why someone looked or acted differently than they did. Their questions were never returned with a north-directed middle finger or someone screaming, “ignorant!” The character was glad to answer the question and tell others about him or herself. I remember Oscar frequently being asked why he was green. Not complaining any more than usual, he was happy to point out that he’s not really green, but that he once took a dip in a muddy marsh and hadn’t taken a bath since.

November 6, 2009