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Hi there.

I was pretty good about updating this site for years but other things have gotten in my way. As a result, publishing here has waned quite a bit. I write regularly over at my newsletter, Why is this interesting?, which is worth subscribing to.

In the meantime, here are a few highlights from my archives:

  1. Everyone always likes my year-end Best Longform lists.
  2. I had a fun time diving deep into a number of different decisionmaking frameworks.
  3. I keep a few lists active: My favorite books, podcasts, and parenting links I find interesting
  4. Outside of those big ones here are a few of the more popular posts from over the years: Subways That Open into Buildings, Marketing and the Tension Between Contrarianism and Traditionalism, The Two True Marketing Strategies, and Subway Uncertainty vs Coconut Uncertainty

Thanks for coming by. - Noah