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July, 2004

Another point

I just got around to reading The Second Browser War from Thursday's Guardian, which highlighted a major point I failed to mention (though meant to). Google's Gmail proves that web-based application can exist successfully. As broadband connections continue to spread across the world, we will begin to see many more everyday applications which exist online only. These online applications are available from any web browser, meaning those with Macs now have more software available to them, one of the major hurdles to converters (or at least to myself -- I admit I am still a PC user). All of a sudden people may not be uttering, "better than PCs, but only a must have for designers" (I've heard this before, whether it's a commonly uttered phrase I do not know). Instead, it will just be a better platform . . . period. Interesting possibilities await us in the coming years.
July 18, 2004
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