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RSS Feed Links

I’m really getting fed up with hard to find RSS links. I went on the Hardblogger site (the new MSNBC group-blog with contributions by Ron Reagan and Joe Trippi, to name a few) and I couldn’t find an RSS link. Sitting in the middle of the page was a way to email Hardblogger comments, but nowhere to be found was the RSS link. Shouldn’t this be well placed? This is such a powerful tool for keeping in touch with users that burying it away is a crime. I know in my own experience that the first thing I do when I go to a site I like is look for the RSS feed. If I don’t find it, more likely than not, I will not be back there anytime soon. All they had to do was place a little link a little more prominently and they would have had a daily reader. Their loss.

July 26, 2004