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August, 2004

Bloglines Email

I recently started using the Bloglines email address feature and it's great. What it allows you to do is create an email address for those annoying email newsletters that haven't converted over to RSS yet. Anything that comes into that email address is then just shown to you in the same way a new RSS entry would. Not only is this great for email newsletters, but it's also great for signing up for anything that's free that you think might sell your info (or you just don't feel like crowding your inbox). You can simply create a new email address for whatever your signing up for, and then just get rid of the email when you're done with it. I've created one email address to receive travel specials from a number of different airlines and another to receive all my fantasy football news. Bloglines has really thought through what they're doing and created a great product. Go sign up and find out for yourself.
August 11, 2004
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