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August, 2004

Craigslist: An Effective Use of RSS

While searching for Rilo Kiley tickets the other day, I discovered that Craigslist has added RSS. You'll notice in the lower right hand corner of any search you do there is a link to RSS and a ? which links you to an explanation of what RSS is. This allows you to easily follow any search or category you want, rather than having to go back to the site constantly and check for new postings. This is where RSS will be so valuable in the future. I'm sure Google will be adding an RSS option to their news and web alerts in the future (which, if you haven't tried them, are pretty cool as it is). So if you're looking for a new apartment or just want to keep up with what people are giving away for free on Craigslist, get yourself an aggregator and enjoy the wonders of syndication.
August 4, 2004
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