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Easy RSS Subscriptions

After seeing Anil Dash put all the easy subscribe links to various aggregators in his latest post (something I had often thought about), I ran across a neat program called quickSub. Basically what this does is put a little javascript popup list over an XML button. I have added it to my index page and I’m in the process of adding it to the rest of the site. It works like this:

RSS 2.0

When you put your mouse over the button a list of popular aggregators comes up and my RSS feed has been preprogrammed in, so all one has to do is click on their program of choice and, voila, they can be subscribed. This is a step in the right direction towards making RSS accessible to the world.

UPDATE (1/10/05): I have since turned off quicksub because I found it was often more confusing than helpful.

August 3, 2004