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August, 2004

The Effects of the Cruise Swagger

This was too funny not to post. Apparently Tom Cruise's swagger can have some incredible effects on the world, according to Jamie Foxx, Cruise's co-star in Collateral. This comes from a People Magazine interview with Foxx [via The Corsair via Defamer]:
Foxx: It's like this: We're all thinking Tom's not coming. He comes in with all the Tom Cruise swagger. He's the messiah. I've never seen black people so shocked. My sister calls her friends. 'Oh my God, he's here! Oh my God, he looks so good! Girl, you should see him!' I say to him, 'Did you know you could start slavery right now?' The bodyguards were having to keep people away. The whole hip hop community got on their two-ways and said Tom Cruise is a thumbs up, because he came down here to kick it with us and he's cool.
August 12, 2004
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