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Monday Randomness

Since it’s now officially football season, and I really can’t think of anything else to write about, here’s my rundown from a Sunday of football followed by some other random, non-football, non-computer, non-internet, non-rss and maybe even non-dorky tidbits.

Football Randomness

1. The Bears beat the Packers the right way. Thomas Jones pounded the football rushing for 6.8 yards per carry. The line looked solid, Rex had time to throw and Jones ran behind Tait for big yardage all day. Even with the win, no sports writers outside Chicago had anything very interesting to say about the game. Don’t the Bears deserve some credit for beating a team that was touted as the Broncos when Terrell Davis came as Elway was in the twilight of his career?

2. The 49ers vs. Saints was the ugliest game I’ve ever seen. Not that I was watching it all that closely, but every time I looked up it was a fumble. There’s something about the Saints that I just don’t like. Aaron Brooks seems to put together a fantastic game and follows it up with a huge disappointment, I just don’t get them. Not to mention, if Deuce is out for any extended period of time. Not that I have a problem with Aaron Stecker (who was white in Madden 2000), but I hardly think a lifetime backup who’s had some great NFL Europe campaigns is going to help a team who never seems to have the heart they need to win like the Saints.

3. The Jets are good, I take back all those bad things I said. Curtis Martin just kept running and Pennington is awesome. Props.

4. Bill Parcells is really fat.

5. It’s good to see the Chargers are the Chargers again. How bad must it be to be LaDanian Tomlinson? Here you are, one of the three best RBs in the league, on a team that pulls Drew Brees for Doug Flutie. Sad.

6. Eric Johnson has about 150 yards in two games for SF.

7. I got in a discussion today about who would win in a basketball game between the Johnson Cousins of Keyshawn and Chad. I’d have to go with Chad. Keyshawn probably has great handle but can’t find the basket. (Plus, as Josh said, Chad’s got the gold teeth.)

8. I really never thought the Texans would open the season 0-2, especially with games against San Diego and Detroit.

9. I’m still not sold on Jacksonville. While I haven’t watched either game, I do know they won week 1 on a prayer throw against the Bills and then they beat the Broncos 7-6. While the latter is more impressive to me, they’re really going to have to get a rushing game going at some point. Is Fred Taylor done? What’s the deal?

10. I think the Eagles win tonight. Westbrook will have a big game and an overrated Vikings defense will be exposed for just that.

11. The Giants created 7 turnovers and only won by 6 points. I guess that’s what happens when, as a team, you get 28 rushes for 62 yards. Not good at all.

Non-Football Randomness

1. Britney Spears got married in a secret wedding. She also reached a new level of white-trashness by serving chicken wings and hamburgers at the wedding. [via Whatevs via The Sun]

2. Rick James had nine different drugs in his body when he died. While that’s not all that surprising, it wasn’t any of the drugs that killed him. Now that’s impressive. [via MTV]

3. The FDA has approved a home defibrillator without a prescription. Can you imagine the fun you could have at a party with that thing? Colleges beware. [via MSNBC]

Links Randomness

1.Five things it would probably be disingenuous for me to rap about

2. A guy found a camera memory card in a cab in New York City and is now posting a picture a day as the person whose card it was

3. British American Tobacco commercials from David Lynch, Coen Brothers, Roman Polanski, Wim Wenders and Robert Altman

4. The best ways to dispose of a dead body with your own flair and elegance

5. The 50 Weirdest Guinness World Records, including number 16: “longest time with a nail in the head” (22 years by the way)

September 20, 2004