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More Letters to the Editor

I received an email from Sean Hannon, author of the Jekyll & Hyde letter to the editor, and it turns out he has just started his own website. On the site Sean posts some other letters to the editor he’s written along with some protest artwork he’s created. Sean has had 23 letters published in 5 local Connecticut papers in the last two years and he pointed me to two of his favorites. Here are links and excerpts from those two letters:

Who Lit All Those Fires?

Who ARE these men in whom so many have placed their trust? How do they pretend not to have had any part in misdirecting our thirst for vengeance at an easy target? This misconception of who really attacked us did not suddenly appear from nowhere. It was nurtured and insinuated and innuendo-ed into existence by those men who now are saying in effect, “Oh, you believed that? Well, you didn’t hear it from us.�

Fear of the Unknown

This infection… fear of the unknown… is governing our perceived need to topple a foreign nation based on our suspicion that it is a threat to us. No longer needed is proof that another country is directly threatening our survival. We are now willing to embrace the spectre of war, and dispense carnage and untold human suffering, all because the hairs on the back of our neck are standing up… from what might happen.

September 30, 2004