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September, 2004

Newly Discovered: The Morning News

I may be a bit behind the times on this one, but I have recently begun reading The Morning News religiously. I can't reccomend it highly enough. It's basically a daily online comedy magazine with the occaisional bought of seriousness or politics thrown in. Their three most recent articles have all been great.
"The Education of Elisabeth Eckleman: Freshman Year": Elisabeth Eckleman just left home, and has a lot of difficult decisions ahead of her. Sarah Hepola follows Elisabeth’s life and lets you make the tough choices for both of them. In this installment, Elisabeth loses her high-school boyfriend and drives to college with her parents. You decide what happens next.

"The Guilfoile-Warner Papers: Improving Kerry": In 2001 Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner lampooned the new president in their book, My First Presidentiary. Now, with the real possibility of four more Bush years, they discuss the issues facing today’s voters. This week: how to fix Kerry’s image.

"The Non-Expert: Hipster": Experts answer what they know. The Non-Expert answers anything. This week Andrew Womack explains how being a hipster is not necessarily a bad thing, and shows how to determine if you are, in fact, really one of them.

So go read those articles. Check it every day. Grab their RSS feed and enjoy some good writing.

Update (6/26/05): As I was going back through old entries adding categories, I realized this was really a Newly Discovered, so I have adjusted it accordingly.

September 28, 2004
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