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Tiger Print Football Pants

Today I was trying to remember the name of the bad 80’s fashion that put tiger print stripes in the color of your favorite football team onto a pair of parachute-like pants. When I did a Google search for the terms ‘tiger,’ ‘print,’ ‘football’ and ‘pants’ I didn’t come up with any relevant results. In order to remedy this for the next person that might be interested in the topic I have decided to put all those words into one entry so hopefully they’ll be able to get right to the answer. (I’ll throw in ‘bad 80s fashion,’ just in case that’s in the search. While I’m at it let me add ‘zoomba,’ which one person told me they were called and ‘ugly,’ which they were.)

In fact, they are called Zubaz. Here’s a nice pair of Bears Zubaz. And a picture to fill your craving:


In all seriousness, it is fairly interesting that there’s no good way to annotate a search result to help people who may be searching for that same thing in the future. When you do a search for something it would be nice if you could add search terms to existing webpages so that others can more easily locate them. I’m not sure there’s a good way to do this, but it would be very interesting. I’ve been checking out A9, the new search engine from Amazon.com and they allow you to makes notes and hold onto bookmarks from your searches, but I don’t think these are open to anyone but you. It would be much more interesting if they had incorporated a system like del.icio.us. What if there was a search wiki where anyone could edit the entries, or at least search terms that allow people to reach a page. I know this would cause all sorts of problems with spammers who would take advantage of this open enviornment, but what about situations where people find holes in search? Just a thought that came out of trying to find the name of an amazingly ugly pant.

September 15, 2004