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October, 2004

A Letter to My Readers

Dear Readers, I just wanted to thank everyone who reads this, I really appreciate you taking your time to read what I have to say. I also have one small request to make of you, can you please post comments on anything you find interesting? (The old high school rule applies where no comment or question is too stupid, part of it is to just know you're all alive.) I would much rather this were a dialogue than a monologue. (For anyone who isn't aware, if you click on the comments link at the bottom of any entry you are redirected to the 'Permalink' of the page where you can post comments.) I am really interested in what you all have to say about my thoughts and I can't encourage you enough to post them. I promise to read them and reply in a most thoughtful manner possible. Think about people, it might even be fun. Also on that note, if anyone has any comments, suggestions or complaints you can go ahead and post those in the comments as well or you can just email me at nb@noahbrier.com. On that note, if I don't know you, or if I do for that matter, you can always just email me and say "hi, I've been reading your page and it's interesting/boring/long-winded/thought-provoking/really dumb."

I think that's all. I hope everyone has a great weekend and here's some virtual bubble wrap to play with if you get bored.


October 9, 2004
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