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Party Party: Halloween Edition

For all you New Yorkers (or people that know New Yorkers) here’s the invite for my next shindig:

Hi Everyone,

First off, thanks to everyone who made it out last time, it was a
blast. After the success of the last party I’ve decided to give it
another go. This time it’s a new location, new theme, more music and
hopefully a lot more drinking.

What: Party, Halloween, costumes, word.
When: Friday, October 29, 2004 (That’s right, two days before Halloween)
Time: 8pm – ?am (Get there early for drink specials, $4 Yeungling
drafts and $4 vodka drinks until 10, don’t miss it!)
Where: OpenAir (http://www.openairbar.com)
Address: 121 Saint Mark’s Place (Near Ave. A)
Who: Me, as usual. I’m DJ’ing every record you want to hear from 8-11
(some extra time behind the decks this time means more ‘Land Down
Under’ for everyone to shake their asses to)

So here’s the rundown. It’s two days before Halloween and that means costumes. So wear one. I will be. They won’t be required for entry, but they’re highly recommended (you know you want to). Also, wear a
good costume and maybe I’ll buy you a drink (how’s that for a deal?). Once
again, tell everyone you know, a lot of people came out last time and
I want to see more this time, let’s make it like a real party, people.
Make sure you get there early so that you get to hear some good tunes
and get to drink as much as possible on the cheap. This is in the East
Village so I expect no excuses from anyone, get yourself there and get
your friends there. We’re doing this one right. So come down in a
costume, dance, drink and be generally merry (just make sure before
you go you call up all your friends and tell them how much fun it’s
going to be). Please forward this along no anyone and everyone.

See you all there.

Oh yeah,

PS – As usual I have positioned this party within close proximity of
San Loco and I will do my damndest to make it there after the party
and watch my Cuban friend consume more tacos than once thought humanly
possible. You’re all invited to join. If he gets a big enough audience
he may even cover them in cheese.

PPS (Web Only Edition) – I’m well aware I’ve never actually made it San Loco after a party of mine but I’m steadfast and resolute in my commitment to make it there one day. I will not waver on this issue.

PPPS (Another Web Only Edition) – As an experiment I’ve decided to post a Craig’s List ad for the party, go check it out.

October 2, 2004