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October, 2004

REMINDER: Halloween Party

For all the New York City Readers (for those not in New York, tell your NYC friends):

Dear prospective party-goers,

Well folks, with the election, Halloween and the world series on your minds it's possible (though doubtful) that you may have forgotten about the other important event of the week. That's right, it's almost time to get down with your costumed self to the rump-shaking sounds of yours truly on the decks. So without any further ado, here's the info:

What: Party, Halloween, costumes, word.
When: Friday, October 29, 2004 (That's right, two days before Halloween)
Time: 8pm - ?am (Get there early for drink specials, $4 Yeungling drafts and $4 vodka drinks until 10, don't miss it!)
Where: OpenAir (http://www.openairbar.com)
Address: 121 Saint Mark's Place (Near Ave. A)
Who: Me, as usual. I'm DJ'ing every record you want to hear from 8-11 (some extra time behind the decks this time means more 'Land Down Under' for everyone to shake their asses to)

Alright, so now that I've jogged your memory, here's the deal. It's a Halloween party so wear some costumes. I'll be in one, so please don't leave me out to dry on this one. Get there early for drink specials and so you catch my set (which you won't want to miss). If you have specials songs you want to hear, bring me a CD burned with them and I'll try to play them (I make absolutely no promises on this one). As usual, everyone is invited to this one so forward, print, plaster this email to anyone/anywhere. More people = more fun, it's a simple equation. So come on down with your friends and anyone else you pick up on the street and drink/dance your cares away. If you have any questions at all, please email me. Help me make this party go off without a hitch! Thanks.


PS - San Loco. San Loco. San Loco. San Loco. San Loco. (Lou, just let me know when this gets old.) San Loco. San Loco. Happy Birthday.

October 26, 2004
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