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November, 2004

An Argument

After some baiting by my Floridian cousin, a Bush supporter, I decided to post this on our fantasy football message board:
Here's a democrat who's pissed off about the election. I'm pissed off that I live in a country that believes it's more important that gay people aren't allowed to get married than it is that the government is taking away our personal freedoms. I'm pissed off that I live in a country that believes it's okay to change foreign policy on a whim and in turn piss off the rest of the world. I'm pissed off that I live in a country where we kill 100,000 innocent civilians because they were ruled by a dictator who was barely hanging on in his own country and certainly had no time or means to come attack us. I'm pissed off I live in the country where it's more important to have an entrance strategy than an exit strategy. I'm pissed off that I live in a country where only half the people get off their asses to vote. I'm pissed off that I live in a country where only 10 percent of young people can stop playing video games for an hour to vote. I'm pissed off that I live in New York City and that I'm going to get attacked for the president that the rest of the country elected.

Most of all, though, I'm pissed off that conservatives like Josh are out gloating about a president who is likely to do unrepairable damage to the country we live in. Instead of taking time to think about this election, weigh all the facts and tell me why you voted for George W. Bush you make little snide remarks. I hope you enjoy four more years of your president and I hope that you prepare the apology for your children and grandchildren, because it's them who won't be able to travel the world without encountering people who hate Americans. It's them who will have to live in fear of a Muslim world that has been taught to hate America becaue it tried to come into their country and tell them how to live. It's them who will have to deal with the deficit, the lack of social secuirty, the loss of a woman's right to choose and a destroyed enviornment. I'm going to start writing my letter today

Today he posted his reply. I am currently writing my reply to his, but I wanted to post this off because I find the ignorance enraging. It provides a great understanding of why people would vote for this man and obviously Josh has given this some thought. However, if this is the attitude of a majority of Bush voters (and a majority of the nation), then we have moved in to an even more dangerous place in American history than I could have imagined.
Don't blame the republicans because the world hates us. The world hates us because they are jealous of what we have. As far as the Arab world is concerned, they will always hate us as long as we support Israel. The best way to undermine that hate is with education. The main problem is that the Arab people have been secluded from the rest of the world. Once they are exposed to modern culture they will adapt and embrace it. When you have a group of people that is born to hate, you need to do something. As far as you worrying about your safety in New York, we probably have never been safer. The reason 9-11 happened is because the previous administration was far too passive in dealing with the terrorist threat. You can't tell me that 9-11 was Bush's fault. He is the perfect remedy. The only thing the Arab world has understood up to this point is force, so force they will get until it is safe in the world. You can't sit back and hope that peaceful diplomatic solutions will work. You need to be on the offensive, and John Kerry was not the leader to do that. Since 9-11 there has not been a strike here at home. That is a promising thing. After a few years of introducing democracy in the Middle East and education, things will be much safer. There is no quick fix, it is a process and will take time. Our country and our interests world wide will be better off because of this war. If the rest of the world doesn't like it they can fuck off. We should also pull any aide that we provide to them as well. They don't seem to mind when we interject to assist them, but when it comes to freeing a people of a murderous dictator people get their panties in a wad. All the democrats did this election was complain about what is wrong with this country. You know what is wrong with this country?? Too many people complaining and not enough people doing something to change it. If anything Bush has set forth what he believes will solve some of the country's problems, Kerry just pinpointed what the republicans were doing wrong. If you don't like the way things are in this country I hear that Fallujah is nice this time of year. Just remember that the people over there this time a few years ago had no influence on who ran their government, now they are having elections. I'd say those are some impressive strides for a country that has been supressed for several decades. If that is not progress in the right direction I don't know what is. A toast to four more years of moving in the right direction.
November 5, 2004
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