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November, 2004

It's Fun to Believe (UPDATED)

The Chicago Bears are 4-5 going into week 11. I know this may not seem overly impressive and I also know that I don't normally write about sports, but this is too exciting to pass up. The Chicago Bears of the NFC North are 4-5 after rattling off three wins in a row even with a quarterback whose only pass seems to be a 40 yard bomb to Bernard Berrian. They're 4-5 despite the fact that the offense could only muster three points in yesterday's 19-17 overtime win. They're 4-5 despite being down by 14 points and looking like a dead fish agains the New York Giants in the Meadowlands. They're 4-5 despite losing their starting quarterback in Rex Grossman (not Jewish for those who wondered), their starting safety and captain with hands of glue, Mike Brown and arguably their most exciting young player, shutdown cornerback Charles "Peanut" Tillman.

Despite all this, the Chicago Bears led by Lovie Smith are getting it done on the field. The Bears have won the last three weeks with defense and I just want to throw some public support out for them. Yesterdays game was won with a safety in overtime, only the second time ever. The defensive line of Alex Brown, Tank Johnson, Tommie Harris and Adewale Ogunleye with Michael Haynes and Ian Scott subbing in, have been spectacular. Finally the Bears have a pass rush after years of wondering if it was normal for the opposing teams quarterback to have 10 seconds in the pocket.

Of course, we're coming into a game against the Indianapolis Colts at home. They're the team that throw touchdowns at will, as many as five a game thanks to the arm of Peyton Manning. We probably won't win this week. But at least it's fun to watch again. In sports, isn't that really all you want a team to do? I just want to be excited for Sunday and I definitely am again. I'm trying not to get too excited, but it's hard not to. Jay Mariotti, Chicago Sun-Times sports writer, writes this in his Monday article titled "It's unconventional, but Bears' success is success nonetheless":

So the Bears are official members of the NFL's parity party. If you're a sophisticated fan, you won't be sucked in by a 4-5 record as much as you'll sit back, enjoy the run and realize Peyton Manning is coming next weekend. If you're a goofy fan, you'll start making playoff plans and tell me the rookie quarterback is 3-0.
I'm trying to stay sophisticated, but it's tough. The fact that I spent about three hours on the phone last night breaking down yesterday's game and trying to find any morsel that could swing this Sunday's game against Indy our way. We examined everything from weather to who the states that the Colts won in vote for. Alas, it looks like patterns aren't going to win this one. I understand that most likely nothing will win this one, but it's fun to believe anyway.

UPDATE: I just posted the following call to arms on Craig's List:

Calling all Bears fans. This Sunday the 4-5 Chicago Bears will meet the Indianapolis Colts at Soldier Field. New York Bears fans will be watching the action live at Josie Woods. Be there at 1. Come ready to Bear down and destory Peyton and the Colts. Let's do this. If you've got any questions email me.
November 15, 2004
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