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November, 2004

Sad Day

By Anonymous

Update (9/2/05): At the authors request I have changed the byline to "anonymous." Let it be known that this is not something I agree with. I don't believe in posting any writing by an anonymous author because if you're not willing to put your name behind your work there's a serious lack of credibility. I understand that these are somewhat special circumstances, however, and since this had already been posted with a proper byline I have made the change.

Update (3/23/07):Got rid of additional references to author's name.

Editor's Note: This is the ninth in a series of political writings on the election. If you'd like to write one email me at writing@noahbrier.com.

Well Folks,

The fat lady has sung and that bitch was a conservative, SUV Driving, born-again homophobe. The only concession of the night is the new senate member, Barak Obama, the nice black fellow from the great liberal state of Illinois. It's a sad and scary day for our country because not only has Bush won, but he also now has the support of both the house and senate. Lets not forget about the 11 states that put a ban on gay marriage. The next four years will be a conservative Candyland and the rest of us will be stuck in the chocolate bog.

What now? We must not forget that this is our country too. Bush did not win in a landslide. We must continue to support groups like the ACLU, Amnesty International, MoveOn and all of our other lefty friends, and we must not forget about our own moral values like equality, freedom of expression and RATIONALITY! Hang on friends, its going to be a turbulent four years but we will perservere.

In Clinton We Trust,


P.S. At least we still have Jon Stewart

November 4, 2004
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