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January, 2005

Pet Peeve: Blogless Blogs

Fox has started a blog for the return of Family Guy [link via Kottke Remaindered Links]. I would be in love with this idea if it weren't for one thing: it's not a blog! Without permalinks, RSS or comments you can hardly call this thing Fox has created a blog. While they don't call it one, you can't deny the connection by the look of it and the description certainly sounds like a blog:
This website is the only place that you'll be able to see the return of FAMILY GUY every step of the way along the production process.

Remember to check back often for exclusive looks at script pages, guest stars, interviews, table reads, story boards, and much more!

So basically they've created a frequently updated site, with timestamps and signatures but have left out all the parts that make blogs unique. Way to go guys, that's good. Nice job doing your research. I know RSS is pretty scary, but if The New York Times can embrace RSS, why can't you? I would have immediately subscribed to that feed, it's a great show and it would be fun to get the inside scoop.

I know that there are still very few people using RSS. But the point is who, not how many. It's a fairly simple equation: bloggers use RSS, people read bloggers, therefore if you want people to read about you use RSS. I think they call that the transitive property and I learned it when I was 11. (It's also completely possible that's called something completely different and I have no idea what I'm talking about . . . math is not really my thing.)

My message to companies? Understand the technology before you decide to jump in because it's cool.

January 6, 2005
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