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February, 2005

My Birthday: $20 All-You-Can-Drink

It's time for my birthday again. I don't really feel like DJ'ing this year, so it's just drinking. The deal is $20 all you can drink for 2 hours. Basically, whenever you get there you pay your $20 and drink anything but top shelf for 2 hours (who needs top shelf anyway?). After that you pay-per-drink, just like everywhere else (except they have huge mixed drinks if you're into that). If you don't feel like doing the $20 deal you can just pay for your drinks as your drink 'em. But who wants that?

Now that I've sold you, here are the details:

Location: Antarctica (http://www.antarcticabar.com)
Date: Saturday, February 26th (4 days after my real birthday)
Time: I'll be there at 7:30
Address: 287 Hudson Street (just below Spring)
Subway: Take the C or E train to SPRING ST. Surface at Spring St. and 6th Ave. Walk two blocks west to Hudson St. (away from SOHO and towards the Hudson River).
Take the 1 or 9 train to HOUSTON ST. Surface at Houston and Varick St. Walk one block west to Hudson St., turn left, then 4 blocks south to Spring St.

So come on down and tell your friends. Everyone's invited. It's got a pool table, a jukebox and lots of booze. If people are hungry we could order some pizzas (there's also a deli next door). It should be a good time, and at the very least, you will be able to watch me in a fairly incoherent state.

If you read this site and we haven't met, you're absolutely invited, just say hi when you get there. I'd really like to meet you.

So mark it on your calendar (or wherever you mark down dates).

If you could do me a favor and let me know if you're coming I'd appreciate it.

I think that's all.

See you then,

P.S. - As usual I will make the promise of going to eat tacos with Lou at San Loco afterwards.
P.P.S. - I am well aware that this will never happen.

February 11, 2005
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