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Quick Tuesday Roundup

Some quick thoughts to get your Tuesday off right:

1. Turns out the rumors were true and Bloglines was really purchased by Ask Jeeves. You can find out more about the acquisition via the Bloglines FAQ or the Ask Jeeves Blog. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Mark Fletcher, the creator and CEO of Bloglines, also created what became Yahoo! Groups, so he knows a thing or two about selling properties. Big difference with this one is that Bloglines is staying just as it is, which is good for me.

2. I watched Supersize Me last night and was impressed (or disturbed). It really brings attention to major problems with eating in America. It’s not really anything we didn’t know, but it’s amazing to see the damage fast food can do. I’ve been meaning to write some thoughts on eating healthy, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

3. If you’re a McLuhan dork like I am you can go here and download MP3s of a record he put out in the 1960s to accompany his book The Medium is the Massage.

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February 8, 2005