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February, 2005

Searching for Noah

After reading a new entry over at pc4media, I clicked through to the Overture Keyword Search Tool. For people trying to figure out good Overture keywords, it shows them, "Related searches that include your term" and "How many times that term was searched on last month."

Naturally I searched for "noah" and was quite surprised with the findings. (The number on the left is the number of searches for that term done in December.)

6312 - noah wyle
3226 - noah ark
2877 - noah weather
2626 - yannick noah
2165 - noah hathaway
1862 - noah s ark
1769 - noah webster
1016 - noah bagel
1012 - noah dietrich
910 - noah wylie
679 - noah brier
562 - the librarian noah wyle
547 - noah wiley
512 - noah bastian
493 - noah dombrovski and foley
493 - taran noah smith
456 - noah hunt
452 - noah flood
440 - noah car cover
439 - noah of ark summarize
401 - noah arc
I was the number 11 most searched "noah." Awesome.
February 10, 2005
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