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February, 2005

What's Your Home Page?

Over at Signal vs. Noise yesterday, Jason Fried asked readers what their home page is set to. His was set to blank and he was wondering what other people were doing.

It's interesting because now that search engines are getting integrated into search engines, whether it be with Google Toolbar or right into the browser as is the case with Firefox, you really don't need to have your home page set to a search engine anymore. Forever I've had my home page set to Yahoo! because it was a good portal to find things like movie listings, TV times or directions. I think this is Yahoo!'s big advantage: that it's a portal rather than just a search engine.

However, lately, and mainly at work where I really don't need TV times or directions, I have changed my home page to something fun. For a while it was TinyMixTapes which is a great music reviews and news site that doesn't have an RSS feed (although I really wish they did and have contacted them to ask them to add one). Yesterday, though, after reading some of the interesting home pages people had, I decided to change mine to a random Wikipedia page. (You can make it your home page with this address: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Randompage)

Anyway, I just found think it's interesting to notice how changes in software technology effect the way we use the web. It's just a reminder that it's an ever-shifting entity in more ways than one.

So, if you've actually gotten to the bottom of this entry, what do you have set as your home page?

February 9, 2005
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