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March, 2005

More Filangy Messing Around

I've been talking to the people over at Filangy a fair amount lately and I'm testing out a couple different things to see how they work. One of them is a public display of my WebMarks (which are essentially just entirely searchable, cached bookmarks). I have to admit that I don't use it much since I am a del.icio.us addict, but I have imported my del.icio.us bookmarks in there, so you can at least see what it looks like. Here it is:

UPDATE 3/27/05: I had to get rid of this because Filangy became unreachable and it was slowing down my page too much . . . not a good sign.

There is also an option to make webcache searchable, though I'm not quite sure how that works (or how comfortable I am in allowing that to be searchable). Although it combines your information with general information, it still rubs me the wrong way. Thoughts?

Otherwise, I've been messing with Filangy some more and I'm getting the hang of some stuff. There are definitely some improvements that could be made, but I think they're going in the right direction. I'm still waiting on that highlighter (which would be amazing). Also, I would prefer if my del.icio.us and RSS feeds were added constantly instead of just when I reload them.

Last, but not least, I have some invites. So if you're interested in giving Filangy a try, let me know. Drop me a comment or an email (nb [at] noahbrier.com).

UPDATE 3/27/05: I had to get rid of the javascript links to my Filangy WebMarks because Filangy became unresponsive and my webpage got slowed to a standstill.

March 25, 2005
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