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March, 2005


In the comments to my entry about Barack Obama's blog, Scott Rafer of Feedster fame, made this comment:
Noah, how do we use del.icio.us for this? either you set one up user name at del.icio.us/needsafeed so that you can moderate or just use http://del.icio.us/tag/needsafeed and let people chime in completely democratically (but open to craphounds).
I decided to take Scott's advice (the latter), and tag Barack Obama's blog with "needsafeed." You can see the "needsafeed" tag page here.

And here's a display of all the latest del.icio.us items posted with the tag "needsafeed" so you don't even need to go anywhere:

Anyhow, if enough of us start using the tag maybe some of these websites will take notice (at least that's the hope). So get tagging.

Big thanks to Scott for the idea, it's a good one.

March 30, 2005
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