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March, 2005

Now a Word from Our Sponsors (Kinda . . . )

Since I don't actually make any money on this page, here's some shoutouts to the people who make my online world a little brighter:

Get Firefox!Firefox

If you're not using it yet, it's time to start. It's not only more secure than Internet Explorer, but it's also got some great features including tabbed browsing (which allows you to view multiple pages within one window) and easy to use RSS (simply click the LiveBookmarks button in the lower left hand corner). Go download it!


It's an amazing social photo sharing site. It's easy to add titles or comments to your (or anyone else's) photos. It's also got a great photo organizing tool called (appropriately enough) Organizr. You can have keep track of friends' pictures and everyone has an RSS feed. The whole thing is free and they're not trying to sell you stupid prints (although they are trying to sell you a pro account which allows you to upload 1 gig of pictures a month . . . well worth it). Go use it!

delicious.gif del.icio.usdel.icio.us

It's the social bookmarking site I'm obsessed with. It runs the bookmarks on the right side of my page. It allows you keep public bookmarks with your own tags to make them easy to find later. I keep everything there and bookmark nothing in my actual browser anymore. Go bookmark it!


If you haven't heard of this one, you must be living under a rock. It's Google's fantastic new (kinda) email service. I've been using it since June or so and I'm still amazed at how well it works. It's got search built in. It uses labels instead of hierarchical folders. It's smart enough to find your most emailed contact when you type in a name. Only problem is it's still in beta, but if you want an address I've got a couple of invites, so just email me: nb[at]noahbrier.com. Go start Gmailing!


It's what I run my RSS feed through. FeedBurner let's me keep up with how many people are reading my feed and what they're reading. It also lets me splice in my del.icio.us links. If you aren't using my FeedBurner feed at the moment and wouldn't mind switching, I would greatly appreciate it. The address is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Noahbriercom. Go burn it!

That ends the sponsored portion of today's entry.

Thank you for time and patience.

March 2, 2005
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