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Sick Sick Sick

I’ve got tonsillitis. I’m feeling pretty shitty. Since I really can’t get myself to write a real post, here’s some links for your enjoyment in the meantime:

1. Download the new Fiona Apple album Extraordinary Machine and read about how Sony won’t put the album out.

2. Check out the growing list of things that could be made illegal if MGM wins the case against Grokster.

3. Look at the book I just started reading: On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins, the guy who behind Palm and Handspring (and thus the Trio).

4. Check out this picture of a Tokyo Rockabilly. I remember seeing this guys in Yoyogi (spelling?) Park when I was in Japan eight years ago, I’ve been trying to remember what they were called.

5. Sleep better with these ten tips.

6. Look at the list of the 10 best and worst looking celebs on high definition TV.

7. How about some tips on learning a new language in a digital age?

March 23, 2005