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10 Links of Apology

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, been busy at work and home. I’m giving my big presentation on technology and the millennial generation next week and I’ve been busy getting everything together. As an apology for not completing my blogging duties, here are 10 links for your enjoyment:

1. (This one’s not a link.) My mom’s in China at the moment and I got an email from her with this choice quote that I thought I’d share: “I saw a huge billboard in Suzhou that said, “Development is an immutable truth” — amazing!!!!”

2. Ran across some comments from John Paul II on the internet that are worth a read. (Just for the record, I am not religious and definitely not Catholic. I in no way endorse all the JC stuff, just thought he had some interesting stuff to say.)

3. Timothy K. Armstrong has an incredibly in-depth write-up from the MGM v. Grokster arguments.

4. Grant McCracken wrote a good entry about “How to Spot a Trend”.

5. I missed it, but apparently Tiger Woods had a made-for-commercial moment at the Masters.

6. Got what it takes to create the next big viral thing on the net? Put your money where your mouth is with Eyebeam’s Contagious Media Showdown.

7. Here’s a coupon for a free 6″ sub when you buy a 6″. Let me know if it works.

8. Check out this New Scientist article about “Life’s Top 10 Greatest Innovations”, including the eye, the brain and sex.

9. The Guardian with quotes from scientists about what everyone should know about science.

10. Ever wonder what’s on Bush’s iPod. “No black artists, no gay artists, no world music, only one woman, no genre less than 25 years old, and no Beatles.”

April 12, 2005