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April, 2005

My First Quicksilver Question (and Another Software Update)

As I'm getting a little more comfortable with Quicksilver, I think I've got my first question. This is for the Merlin Mann's and the Dan Dickinson's of the world (and yes I only put their names in so this would get through to them in their ego feeds).

So, my question is: Is there any way to set up Quicksilver to open multiple bookmarks at once with one command? I'm not positive this is really a Quicksilver question or a Firefox question, but essentially what I'm trying to do is open up three webpages into three different tabs at once using one simplified command (like typing in blog would open up my blog posting interface, my referrer states and my feed stats). Since I have Tabbrowser installed in Firefox, I imagine all I need is for Quicksilver to try to open three different webpages at once.

So, for all the Quicksilver/Firefox junkies out there, is this possible?

Also, have three more pieces of software to report:

1. iScrobbler: This is a must-have for me because of my Audioscrobbler extension. This is just the plugin that keeps track of what I listen to and reports it to my Audioscrobbler page.

2. BitTorrent: Again, not all that exciting, but another must-have program for downloading goodies online.

3. Cyberduck: This seems to be the best rated freeware FTP program around. It took a minute to get everything working because a few settings weren't quite right, but after messing around a bit it seems like a clean and easy interface with a nice bookmarks sidebar (not to mention a Quicksilver plugin that I just discovered). If anyone has another FTP program they'd recommend I'd be happy to listen, but this looks pretty good (and they got a pretty damn good rating in MacWorld to boot).

So that ends today's round of updates. Please send any help or recommendations my way. Either via comment (preferred) or email at nb [at] noahbrier.com. Thanks!

April 25, 2005
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