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Some Rambling Randomness

[Editor’s Note: I’ve been trying to post this for two days, sorry for the delay. Don’t know what’s been up with my host, but they claim it’s solved now.]

Here goes a quick post of randomness before bed. I’m quite tired, so if something doesn’t make sense, let me apologize now. Anyhow, here it goes (style inspired by: Fimoculous):


– If you’ve ever walked through Washington Square Park in the Spring/Summertime, you’ve seen Tic and Tac. Now you can read their interview on Gothamist.


– Ever wonder which salt is best? Me neither. But apparently Dan Crane at Slate did.


Noise Between Stations writes up four tips for strengthening your right brain (that’s the creative side). They are: Wonderment, motivation, intellectual courage and relaxation.

– While I’m on the topic of brains and thinking, check out this Eide Nuerolearning Blog post on the Joy of Teaching Kid Geeks. It includes this great definition of geek: “Geeks are the people who deliver technological innovation.” (By the way, if you have any interest in brains and thinking, start reading Eide Neurolearning Blog, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.)


– If you don’t use an RSS aggregator, check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to use Bloglines.

– While I’m on the topic of Bloglines, everyone knows about the email subscriptions, right? Just go to “Add Feed,” then click “Email Groups” and you’ll see a link that says “Create an Email Subscription.” Lets you set up temporary email addresses that are great for signing up for random stuff (and by the way, I knew this before I read it on Lifehacker today . . . just so everyone knows).

RSSmix lets you mix a bunch of different RSS feeds into one. I’m sure this is useful, just can’t come up with anything to do with it yet. But I’m sure there’s something fun to do with it.

– Just as a note, this section originally appeared at the top, but in an attempt to seem less geeky I have moved it down.

– I’m pretty sure the attempt failed.

April 28, 2005