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May, 2005

Focusless Linking Fun

Another day without anything seriously resembling a proper post in my mind. No good explanation on this one, except I have behind very behind on the old aggregator and finally got a little caught up today. So many different articles means my mind is going in a thousand different directions, which makes writing about any one thing fairly difficult.

So, how about a roundup of what I'm reading? Sound good? Does it?

Well, here it goes anyway.

But before I begin, how about a pledge? I'm going to try to write an entry a day this week. I feel as thought I've been neglecting the site, so it seems like the least I can do.

For Your Amusement

- Merriam-Webster lists the top ten favorite words that aren't in the dictionary. (Ginourmous is included.)

- A McSweeney's three-peat: An Open Letter to the Couple Who Found My Panties in Their Yard Last Summer, Pickup Lines Used by Mario and Things That Are Just Barely Thicker Than Peter Gallagher's Eyebrows.

Apple, Apple, Apple

- Sidney Morning Herald article about Steve Jobs and how the iPod came about. (It may just be an excerpt from a book, but either way it's damn fine reading.)

- Apple recalls batteries on PowerBook's purchased in the last year or so. (Hey, I have one of those.)

- How do you stay organized on your Mac? (Another fine Ask Metafilter question.)

Thinking, Creativity and the Brain

- Want to be more creative? Try these 12 easy steps.

- Five ideas for teaching/brainstorming from the famous design firm IDEO.

- People perform poorly when they encounter situations that they stereotypically should perform poorly in.

Three More Links (That Don't Fit Nicely into a Category)

- The next installment of the The Education of Elisabeth Eckleman on The Morning News.

- New York Times story on Simon Curtis, a Lower East Sider who stole a photograph as a joke and ended up in prison.

- Finally, everything you need to know about grilling. (Word. It's almost Summer. Let the grilling begin.)

May 23, 2005
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