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May, 2005

Help Me Help You

As I've mentioned multiple times now, I'm in the process of redesigning the site. I've been struggling with a few things and the process is going fairly slowly because I really want to get it right. As I was thinking about it this morning I realized something: Why am I hiding everything from you?. Why am I designing it behind this wall? I occasionally show friends and family to get their feedback, but why the hell not everyone who enjoys this site? Yeah, it would be exciting to roll out a redesign all of a sudden to everyone's surprise, but if I let people get involved, won't it be all the better.

With that said, this redesign (NoahBrier.com 3.0 for those counting) is now a communal affair. Just check out the design in progress at https://www.noahbrier.com/test (note to Internet Explorer users: the top bar of the site doesn't work yet, give me some time). If you could give your feedback in the comments on this post I'd appreciate it.

Critique it. Be tough! It's a work in progress, this is the first step. Tell me everything that's wrong (other than links not working . . . that's a given). Here's what I wrote over there:

Excuse the mess. Most of this stuff doesn't work yet. But this is a look and feel. So tell me what you think. Be tough. Hate something? Tell me. Love it? Tell me that too. Color too bright? Font hard to read? Design just stupid? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.
So go ahead. Have fun and help me redesign my site.
May 17, 2005
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