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May, 2005

Trying to Catch Up

I feel like I've been neglecting my duties as blogmaster general at NoahBrier.com. Things have been quite busy at work and in most of my other time I've been working on redesigning.

I'll start off talking about that. I think it's going fairly well (but I would really appreciate more feedback). I'm having fun with it. What it has really been is an excuse to think about every aspect of how people use blogs. How important is the location of the date? How do people use sidebars? Lots of fun questions like that. It's really been a research exercise for me and I hope the final result will be a better website.

Otherwise, it's been the regular geeking out. For those RSS readers out there, you may notice that you've started getting a post of links everyday (some people have been getting them for a while). That's because I finally got around to pointing all my feeds to FeedBurner and am currently burning the RSS feed with a daily post from my "posted" tag on del.icio.us. I try to include links that I think people will find interesting, but I'm sure you're not all into what I am. That's why I'm curious to know if people would prefer an option to receive my feed with or without links. I personally like to think that the links add something, but Scott Rafer mentioned to me that he'd prefer not to receive them. I'll most likely just add a second feed, but if people could let me know what they think it would be appreciated.

What else you ask? Very little. Still loving my PowerBook, a big entry is in order. Also loving Textdrive, which is so much faster and more reliable than my last host (plus WebDav is fantastic, synchronized iCal can't be beat).

Wow, this has been really boring. Apologies. Let's spice it up a bit.

1. By reading about hoodies (yes, I mean hooded sweatshirts)

2. By finding out that Dave Chappelle is not in a mental institution (he's actually in South Africa)

3. By preparing for tonight's OC season finale with this list of ways to save the OC (not that I necessarily am in the camp that believes it needs saving)

4. By putting an end to this entry.

May 19, 2005
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