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More Photographic Indulgence


Forgive me please, but I have to share another pic. This one came with this photo description and is currently on the front page of the Houston Chronicle Tech section:

“Noah Brier surfs the Flickr photo Web site in his New York apartment. Brier regularly looks for bookmarks tagged as “lifehacks” — for everyday productivity tips — and recently ran across an article on better ways to shave. Tagging makes it easier to find objects and more useful information on Web.”

I apologize for the incessant egotism lately, but come on, if you can’t brag on your blog, where can you brag?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m picking my nose in the picture, so that’s cool. At least I can’t take myself all that seriously.

On a more lighthearted note, check out the logo for the Instituto de Estudos Orientais (thanks Waxy).

May 6, 2005