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My 15 Seconds of Tagging Fame

Just wanted to point everyone to an AP article on tagging titled “‘Tags’ Ease Sifting of Digital Data”. The article features a quote from your’s truly (unfortunately, the photos don’t appear to have made the cut). The whole article is worth reading, lots of really interesting people got interviewed for it, including Caterina Fake (Flickr’s co-founder), David Sifry (Technorati founder), Clay Shirky and on and on and on (which makes me wonder how I made the cut). Anyway, here’s my quote (and the paragraph before it . . . drumroll please):

Noah Brier regularly looks for bookmarks tagged “lifehacks” — for everyday productivity tips — and recently ran across an article on better ways to shave.

“I’m sure the author of this never imagined this was a lifehack, but a del.icio.us user decided this falls into that tag,” Brier said.

I’m not quite sure how the interview came about, but I think it had something to do with “needsafeed”. Obviously I said lots more that didn’t make the cut, but I’m happy to just be quoted. That stuff is exciting. I got to see my name in print lots of times at American Demographics, but never as the quoted one. It’s kinda cool in a very geeky way.

May 1, 2005