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Navigation that Makes Sense

Today I was on the Target website looking for one of those little things that squeezes the toothpaste out of the tube for you. I didn’t find it, however, I did run across this cool little navigation feature:


For regular Target.com shoppers, this is probably not a big deal, but it really seems like a great idea to me. It has the ability to make the online shopping experience much closer to the real thing. Essentially, Target realized that as important as regular categories were, people often shop purely based on aesthetics. Therefore, giving them the ability to filter items in that way should make their shopping experience more fruitful. It’s always nice to see websites actually addressing the needs of its users (which I admit, this site fails to do in many ways — but I promise I’ll work on it soon).

Now that I mention it, what do you think of the site? Be honest. Do you hate it? Is something in a bad place? Give me the lowdown. Another redesign could be in the works (hint, hint).

May 3, 2005