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May, 2005

Saturday Brunch Roundup

I don't really have enough to say about any one topic to jusity an entry, so how about a brunch roundup? This is best enjoyed with a side of french toast, bacon and black coffee. Enjoy.

Apple OS X Geekery

- From The Unofficial Apple Weblog: "If you are on Tiger, highlight place your cursor over any word in this post. Now, with the word highlighted hit Apple + Control + D. Instant dictionary definition."

- Just discovered this delimport which allows you to make all your del.icio.us bookmarks searchable by Spotlight. Sweet.

Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

- Great tip from Tricks of the Trade:

When all that is left are the middle seats on the plane, ask the person at the counter if you can be seated between two people with the same last name.

Typically they will be family members travelling together and hoping to claim the whole row. If you split them up they will offer you a trade, and you'll wind up by the window or on the aisle.

- I was trying to figure out how to make a nice horizontal list with CSS to use as buttons and finally came across this great tutorial from Listutorial.

- More CSS stuff come from this great CSS cheat sheet. Most every comman you'll need in one place.

Digital Dorkery

- An interesting post from Seth Godin about the new digital divide that's opening up between the net geeks and everyone else.

Getting Things Done

- Fast Company interview with productivity guru David Allen.

Media Goodness

- Stephen Colbert is getting his own show on Comedy Central right after the Daily Show. He is a funny, funny man.

- Hilarious Spiegel interview with Tom Cruise where the interviewer grills him about Scientology.


- Great post over at Creating Passionate Users about the need to market products by tellilng users what it will do to make them great, instead of telling them how great you and your product are.

- Interesting interview with Mark Ecko, the rhino guy. Includes this choice quote (in response to the question, "what's the next big thing?": "Convergence. Blurring lines. Brands existing dynamically in real time in multiple places. And being more purposeful and meaningful than just being a commodity. You don't really see companies who make one product and that's it. That's the old-fashioned, dinosaur way of thinking. In order for a brand to exist and survive and be relevant you must exist in multiple space."

- What's the problem with American beer?

May 7, 2005
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