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Darwin Has a Posse


Someone at Swarthmore has taken the original Obey Giant sticker and repurposed it as a way to show their support for evolution. I’ve been reading a fair amount about the fight against evolution lately and I like this novel way to show your support. I like Obey Giant and I like evolution, so this seems like a good match to me.

For those of you looking for some more reading on all the fights going on against evolution, here are some links for you:

1. Opting Out of the Debate on Evolution: New York Times article about how scientists are refusing to debate evolution because they don’t want to give the impression that there’s actually something to debate.

2. Creationism: God’s Gift to the Ignorant: A good explanation of what creationists think and the arguments they’re using to fight evolution.

Go download the stickers. Print them out. And show your Darwinian love.

Update (7/01/05): It appears I had the wrong link to the Charles Darwin has a Posse page, it’s fixed now.

June 30, 2005