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Some HTML Problems

I’m looking for someone to help me fix a problem I’m having. If you check out this or any other page with more than one comment in Internet Explorer you’ll notice that every comment is slightly to the left of the previous comment. The BLOCKQUOTE is in the right place, but the text appears outside of it and by the time you get to the comment form it’s way off to the left. It’s really a bizarre problem and I’ve spent some time poking around this morning to no avail. So, if anyone feels like checking out the source and lending their skills, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m sure it’s something dumb, but I can’t seem to get to the bottom of it (at least not in the hour or two I’ve spent on it).

Thanks in advance

Update (6/18/05): Since I have a few minutes before I have to get out of here, I decided to use the time to rant a bit about Internet Explorer. Why must it be so obnoxious? Why do they decide not to follow the standards? I don’t get it. (Although this HTML problem is probably my fault, no theirs.) Anyway, I spent hours trying to figure out how to get the stupid nav bar to work on my site in IE and finally had to hack together a different CSS script (I’m sure there’s a more beautiful way, but this is working for now.) It just bugs me. Plain and simple. Phew, that feels much better. Thanks for listening. Please return to your regularly scheduled day.

June 18, 2005